Interactive Research Projects

Ferrabosco Fantasias – Stylistic Observations
by Bruce Bellingham. An analysis of the four-part fantasias of Alfonso Ferrabosco the Younger with sample sound clips. view
New Music Catalog
by Judith Davidoff. An on-line catalog of 20th and 21st century viol music. view
Online Database of Historical Viols
by Thomas MacCracken. A searchable version of the Peter Tourin/Thomas MacCracken list of extant historical viols. view

Contributed Papers

Below are contributed papers on research on the viol and its music. They are presented here in order by author. Titles flagged with (PPGG) were presented at the Pan-Pacific Gamba Gathering, at the University of Hawaii in August 2007.

Lorenzo Costa and the Earliest Viols (PPGG)
by John Bryan. A description of early viols based on a painting of 1497 by Lorenzo Costa. pdf document. view
Costa Viol Slides (PPGG)
by John Bryan. Pictures to complement John Bryan's paper on Lorenzo Costa. PowerPoint Presentation. view
Viols in Japan: Edo Era to Today (PPGG)
by Yukimi Kambe. A history of viols in Japan during the past 400 years. pdf document. view
The Japanese Kokyu (PPGG)
by Mari Kano. A description of the Kokyu and its history. The Kokyu is considered the most closely related Japanese instrument to the viol. pdf document. view
The Viol in Australia (PPGG)
by Miriam Morris. A brief history of viol playing in Australia with details of some of the important contributors to the development of the viol there. pdf document. view
Double Your Pleasure – or Double Trouble?
by Fred Reinagel. An alternative way to set up the viol that improves its rendition of polyphonic consort music. pdf document. view
The Secrets of Viol Tuning (PPGG)
by Fred Reinagel. An explanation of the physics behind tuning and temperments. PowerPoint Presentation. view
The Pardessus de Viole (PPGG)
by Toshiko Shishido. A discussion of the reasons for the development of this small viol. pdf document. view
Notes on Wenzinger Master Classes
by Bergen Suydam. Notes on 20 years of August Wenzinger master classes. pdf documents organized by year. view