Excerpts from The Manchester Lyra-Viol Manuscript

Intabulated and transcribed from tablature by Paul Furnas.

The Viola da Gamba Society of America expresses its deep gratitude to Paul Furnas for graciously permitting this publication of his intabulation of 46 pieces from the Manchester Lyra-Viol Manuscript (commonly known as the Manchester Gamba Book) so that they could be made widely available to modern players of the viola da gamba.

Musicians wishing to explore more of the Manuscript have several sources. Mr. Furnas' intabulation of the entire Manuscript is available on microfilm from the Viola da Gamba Society of America and from University Microfilms, as an appendix to his 1978 Ph.D. dissertation at Stanford University. A facsimile of the entire 17th century Manuscript was published by Peacock Press in 2003. Additional pieces from the Manuscript (along with pieces from other sources) in a modern intabulation can be found in Tablature for One, intabulated and edited by Martha Bishop.

This sheet music is free for noncommercial use. You may download the files and print paper copies, but neither the files nor the paper copies may be sold.


Preface to the Tablature Edition
Graces on the Violl
Lyra-Viol Ornaments and Gervise Gerrarde's Lyra-way Paven NEW
Transcriptions into staff notation (warning: 13.5 MB)

THE FIRST TUNING, Violl Waye (ffeff)NumberPage
Queen Marie's Dumpe(R.S.)I-1251
What if a DayeI-2252
Roben is to the greens-woode gon(R.S.)I-4255
Whoope doe me no harme(R.S.)I-5256
Monusier's Allman(Mr. R. Sumarte)I-7258
Salte pitts(R.S.)I-8259-60
The Buildings(R.S.)I-10262
Solus cum sola(R.S.)I-11263
The Nightingale(R.S.)I-12264
[untitled](Stephen Goodall)I-16269
[untitled](Mr. Elliot, Oxon.)I-17270
[untitled](Mr. Younge)I-18271
[untitled](Stephen Goodall)I-19272
[untitled](Stephen Goodall)I-20273
[untitled](Mr. Elliot, Oxon.)I-21274
[untitled](Stephen Goodall)I-22275
[untitled](Stephen Goodall)I-23276
A Sarabande(Mr. Willm Younge)I-24277
Preludi~(Mr. Rich. Sumarte)I-25278
[untitled](Mr. Willm Younge)I-26279
Saraband(Mr. Thomas Woodson)I-27280

THE SECOND TUNING, Violl Waye (var.) (ffefh)NumberPage
Malte Man(Mr. R. Sumarte)II-1282-283
A Coranto(G. Gerrarde)II-2284
Coranto(R. Sumarte)II-3285
The King's Maske(R. Sumarte)II-4286

THE THIRD TUNING, Lyra Waye (fefhf)NumberPage
Preludium(Mr. Anthonye)III-1288
Bowe BellsIII-2289
Coranto(Alphonso Ferrabosco)III-3290
[untitled](Gerv. Gerrarde)III-4291
Coranto(Alphonso Ferrabosco)III-5292
[untitled](Gervise Gerrarde)III-6293
An Almaine(Mr. Joseph Sherlie)III-7294
Coranto(Alphonso Ferrabosco)III-8295
[untitled](Joseph Sherlie)III-9296
Coranto(Alphonso Ferrabosco)III-10297
A Paven(Mr. Joseph Sherlie)III-11298
A Thumpe(Mr. Tho Martine)III-12299
A Saraband(Willm. Kinglake)III-13300
Coranto(G. Willis)III-14301
Paven(Mr. Gervise Gerrarde)III-15302-303