Found: Bass viol
Found June 2018 in Durham NC. Six-string Chinese Song bass viol with carved head. Turned in at local guitar shop after being “found” in a dumpster. For more information, contact Kathy Schenley.

Stolen: Bass viol
A bass viola da gamba was stolen from a Macalester College (St. Paul, MN) locker the week of November 3, 2013. The maker is James Cox, and the Mac ID is 1000069. The instrument is hour-glass shaped, nice wood with 6 strings and a soft case and bow. If you have any information, please contact Julie Elhard. Click here for email address.

Stolen: 6-string electric viol by Eric Jensen.
On January 3, 2008, in UK: Dark rosewood instrument with a brace of aluminum and stainless steel. The reverse of the instrument has a tag that says "Jensen" and it was stolen in a black tubular case with a black preamp the size and shape of cobble. For pictures or to contact the poster please visit

Stolen: Bass viol
On March 1, 2006, in UK: A 7-string viola da gamba, made in London in 1979 (maker's name not remembered) owned by the Birmingham Conservatoire in a black soft tight-fitted case with a bow by Roger Doe. It has orange yellow varnish and an intricatly carved head in the shape of a griffin, worn frets, and a great sound. Bow is a normal cello/gamba model with screw frog in dark wood. The case also had in it a Bolivian string bag. If anyone has any info please contact Henrik Persson, tel. +44 (0) 7812 050669. or click here for email address.

Stolen: Tenor viol
A student-model, German-make, reddish tenor, with label "Buchstainer 1976" inside was stolen from Lucy Cross's apartment in New York on September 7, 2003. It's in a soft case with no handle (ripped off, and still in the apartment), with a bow by Uebel, extra strings (with Bill Monical's name on them), and a cake of rosin with thick wooden sides to it. The case is much too big for the instrument. If you come across this viol or hear about it, please contact the VdGSA webmasters.

Stolen: Bass viol
A bass viol was stolen from Trinity College of Music, Greenwich, London on the afternoon of Wednesday October 9, 2002. Details of the stolen items: 7 string bass viol made by Bob Eyland in 1995/6 (after Bertrand c1701); viol bow by Matthew Coltman; dark blue Kingham case with spare strings. The owner, Jacqui Robertson, would be very grateful if you could look out for it and contact her should you learn of its whereabouts, either by phone on +44 7740 298337 or by email (click here for email address).

Stolen: Treble viol
Treble viol by West Dean Workshop 1999/2000, stolen week of October 7, 2002; Viol bow by Roger Rose; Black hard case by Kingham. Please contact Alison Crum regarding this viol, +44 20 8452 3254, or email (click here for email address).

Stolen: Viol bows
Two bows stolen from the Longy School of Music, Boston: (1) Baroque Cello/Bass Gamba bow 77.3 grams; stick highly figured snakewood stamped CF English and #345. Round stick, fluted 4.5 inches in grip area. Frog slides on Vuillaume style half-round track. (2) Baroque Cello/Bass Bow 79.5 grams; stick African Blackwood stamped #358 on stick under frog. Round stick fluted 4.5 inches in grip area Frog slides on Vuillaume style half-round track. Please notify Christopher English (click here for email address) or at Longy School of Music, Boston, Mass.

Stolen: Baroque violin
On 12 May 2000, after a rehearsal in Cordoba, Argentine, a baroque violin of the violinist Manfred Kraemer ("The Rare Fruits Council") was found missing. It is a Techler, David, Roma 1734 with two baroque bows in a double Gewa etui with a brown cloth cover and an exterior pocket. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Tel: 03543 432 422, or email (click here for email address).

Stolen: Treble viol
From my home in Brussels on 30 July 1998. Six-string English model, built by Klaus Derenbach, 1988 or 1989. Also stolen snakewood bow (cremailliere) by Cangolesi. These in a hard black case with green interior. Please contact Liam Fennelly at 00/322/5124562 (answering-machine in French), or send an email here.

Lost: Bass viol
I would like to report a viol gone astray (possibly stolen) while being shipped from Michgan to Pennsylvania in June 1998. Early (60's?) bass viol with hard case and bow, Shuster & Sons. Many signs of wear. Photos available. If anyone comes across it, please report its whereabouts to: Bob Purrenhage, 113 Central Ave., Berwyn, PA 19312; phone (610) 993-0936 or e-mail here.

Found: Treble viol
A treble viol made by Dan Foster in 1980 has turned up in the Chicago area under circumstances that suggest it had been stolen. If you think you may have information about this instrument or its last owner, please send an email to the VdGSA webmasters.