Career Development Grants-in-Aid

This program is designed to support of the mission of the VdGSA. The program is open to student or regular members of the Society.

Examples of proposals that might be funded:

  1. Instruments, bows, travel cases
  2. Participation in workshops, master classes or competitions
  3. Teacher apprentices at local workshops, mentored by workshop faculty
  4. Initiation of programs for beginning viol players and outreach

Other reasonable proposals, including those by instrument makers, will be considered.

Note: You must have been a member of the society for one full calendar year before submitting your application.

Application Procedure

  1. Before applying, you must contact the President of the Society, briefly stating your intent and your project. (See below for contact information.)
  2. The application must clearly explain your qualifications and need, including the total amount requested. (Grants awarded typically range from $500 to a maximum of $1500.)
  3. You must also procure two letters of recommendation specific to the application (one of which may be from your teacher). Both must address your need and qualifications, and neither recommendation letter may be from someone who is materially involved in your project (as a player or other beneficiary of the possibly awarded funds). It is your responsibility to solicit these letters and arrange to have them sent electronically to the President of the VdGSA.
  4. Submit supporting documents regarding the request (the application forms for competitions or tuition, the invoice for an instrument, fare confirmations, etc.).
  5. If you are applying for a performance-related grant, upload an MP3 file to the application website. Please limit the size of your file to 5 megabytes.
  6. The Society encourages you to seek additional financial assistance to augment your Society grant if necessary. Note any initiatives to secure other funding in your application—especially matching grants.
  7. The Grants-in-Aid Committee will consider applications twice per year; the deadlines for consideration are April 15 and October 15 of each year.

Selection Process

The President of the Society will appoint a committee to review the applications. The committee will make a recommendation for full, partial, or no funding. The actual amount of any award will be contingent upon sufficient funds being available. The selection process should take no more than four weeks following each semi-annual application deadline.


If sufficient funds are available and the committee recommends funding, the Treasurer will make the award.

Rules and Guidelines

You must have been a member of the society for one full calendar year before submitting your application. If you aren't sure of when exactly your membership took effect, email us to ask.

The committee will not award grants to applicants/groups that have received a VdGSA GiA award in the past two calendar years (four granting periods), except under extraordinary circumstances.

Awardees must submit a written report of the use of funds to the President within 30 days of completing the purchase, travel, competition, or workshop; or within 6 months of the award date (whichever comes sooner).

If an awardee's project cannot be completed as initially scoped in the application, the awardee is obliged to contact the President to determine whether or not the award must be deferred or returned (for example, funds awarded for instrument commissions that do not reach completion, etc.). In general, if the project cannot be completed within a year's time, we will request that the funds be returned.

GiA funds will not be awarded for Conclave expenses (tuition, room/board, or travel). We have several other financial aid options for attending Conclave, including work-study scholarships and room/board subsidies; more information can be found here.

Initial Contact

To initiate your application, please first contact the President of the VdGSA, Lisa Terry.

After contacting the President, if you wish to apply on-line go to the application page here.