2017 - Oxford, Ohio

Our 55th annual Conclave took place at Miami University, in Oxford. This was our second visit to Oxford. A special feature this year was William Hunt's lecture on the Consort Anthems of Orlando Gibbons, recently recorded by Fretwork.
Conclave Classes and Teachers
The Faculty.
Alice Robbins' Beginners' class.
Martha Bishop's Traynor class.
The Consort Cooperative.
Sarah Mead's "Super Flumina Babylonis" class.
John Moran's preformed consort class.
Martha Bishop's contemporary music group.
Brady Lanier's "Meet the Beatles" class.
Sarah Cunningham's Lyra Viol class.
Peter getting pointers from Martha.
Staff, Custodes and the Board
Music director Ros Morley.
The Conclave Managers: Team Spoon.
President Lisa Terry.
The Auction team, in part.
Auction team at work.
Some of the Custodes.
The VdGSA Board.
Board meeting in progress.
Scholarship coordinator Robert Bolyard.
Four generations of webmasters.
Bow doctor Harry Grabenstein.
Viol doctors Warren Shingleton and Chris Briden.
Student Concert coordinator John Mark Rozendaal.
Check-out time—the end of a lovely week.
Concerts and other events
Opening-night gathering and faculty mini-concert.
Welcome from President Lisa Terry.
Announcements from music director Ros Morley.
Viol Maintenance lecture/demo with viol doctors Warren Shingleton and Chris Briden.
Opening night announcements from Conclave Managers.
Gibbons Consort Anthems lecture, with William Hunt.
Gibbons Consort Anthems reading session, led by William Hunt.
Jamming at a cafe in town.
Student Concert: "Meet the Beatles" class.
Student Concert: Jack Ashworth's Tomkins class.
Student Concert: John Moran's preformed consort.
Student Consort: Sarah Mead's "Renaissance Artifacts" class.
Student Concert: Jay Elfenbein's "Bridge to Improvisation" class.
Micro-concert in the Emporium.
Micro-concert in the Emporium.
The Town Meeting.
The Oberlin Consort of Viols, performing in the Kumler Chapel.
The Catacoustic Consort.
Miami University
University gate.
The campus flower beds were a delight.
Tappan Hall and part of the South Quad.
Etheridge Hall.
The South Quad.
Etheridge Hall arch.
Etheridge Hall, early morning.
Maplestreet Station.
Harris dining hall, interior.
Harris dining hall.
Wilks Theatre in Armstrong.
Kumler Chapel.
Some explanation required.
Making Music
Informal reading session.
Trios at the window.
Quartet in residence.
Casual night music.
Evening six-part music.
Informal consort playing.
Fiddles and bass.
Custodes reading session.
Serious trio!
Trios after dark.
Reading some Gibbons Consort Anthems.
The Auctions
Auctioneers Chris Briden and Sarah Mead.
The auction crowd.
The Great Group of Gals, offering their services.
Auction staff keeping track of the purchases.
Alex-Andria Roberts modelling a hand-knitted scarf.
The multi-talented Wendy Gillespie.
And we have a bid...
Auctioneer Chris Briden and assistant Heather Spence.
Marc Armitano modelling a mink vest and hat.
Parthenia offering a consort session.
Wendy Gillespie modelling a Lawes T-shirt.
Cathy Meints offering a rare book.
Silent Auction.
Silent Auction.
Vendors and Makers
Stringmaker Dan Larsen, with Elizabeth Fish.
Viols by Francis Beaulieu.
Charlie Ogle's instruments.
Marc Soubeyran setting a soundpost.
Browsing Boulder Early Music's sheet music.
Echoing this year's theme, a collection of bridges.
Trouvere Music Works' instruments.
Patrice Connelly of Saraband Music.
Bowmaker Louis Bégin and Ken Gill.
Luthiers Francis Beaulieu and Marc Soubeyran.
A micro-concert in the Emporium.
Old Friends, New Friends
Gathering of Consort Loan Program instructors and friends.
The Young Players gathering.
Martha McGaughey and John Nikolatos.
Isabel Hendry, Martha Bishop and Lori Tsui.
Edith Yerger and Doreen Wong.
Tina Chancey and Brent Wissick.
Toma Iliev and Marc Armitano.
David Ellis and Robert Bolyard.
Susan Daily and Scot Zoid.
Lisa Terry and Larry Lipnik.
The Banquet
Pre-banquet entertainment.
Banquet table, ready to go.
A little Newfoundland fiddling to get us started.
Banquet MC Becca Humphrey Diederich.
Scott Mason and Barbara Cone.
Seven presidents.
Alice Renken and the Conclave Endowment gauge.
Zoe Weiss and Loren Ludwig.
Two sisters.
Wendy Gillespie awarding Alice Renken a Life Membership in the Society.
"My Funny Pardessus"
Luthiers Francis Beaulieu and Marc Soubeyran.
Michael Foote and Suzanne Ferguson.
Pedro and friends.
Robley Williams and Christina Smith.
Scot Zoid and a birthday card for Martha Bixler.

Photos were contributed by Sue Imrem, Scott Mason, Phillip Serna, Ron Vernon and Doreen Wong. In addition to the foregoing, caption assistance came from Jack Ashworth, Francis Beaulieu, Aimée Beggs, Janet Cannon, Anne Duranceau, Jane Furth, Tracy Hoover, Jane Leggiero, Cathy Meints, Leslie Nero, David Poon, Alice Renken, Alice Robbins, Chrissy Spencer and Zoe Weiss. Thanks to you all!