Consort Cooperative 2015

About Consort Cooperative

Consort Cooperative is a program aimed at professional and pre-professional viol players who want to develop leadership and teaching skills as well as their playing. The program is mostly autonomous but runs concurrently with the rest of Conclave. The spirit is collaborative and members take turns coaching pieces and getting feedback from their peers. It is a week of intense and focused effort which culminates in a performance of a small portion of the worked-on material. Members will choose pieces to coach well in advance of Conclave and are expected to put in significant preparation before arriving.

This Year's Program

This year, participants will be focusing on the core part of the Consort Coop, self coached ensembles. There will be three periods a day in which we will be working not only our coaching skills but as players in small and large ensemble settings. All members will take part in a class with Wendy Gillespie studying original notation as well as a one day round table with three faculty members.

How to Apply

In order to have time for each member to coach a piece, enrollment is extremely limited. Consort Coop members pay room & board and a reduced conference fee. Scholarships and work-study positions are available.

Applications will be accepted until May 2nd, 2015. Please contact Adaiha MacAdam-Somer at with any questions about Consort Cooperative.