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Jack Ashworth Loren Ludwig
Joanna Blendulf Elizabeth Macdonald
John Dornenburg Martha McGaughey
Julie Elhard Sarah Mead
Wendy Gillespie Catharina Meints
Laury Gutierrez Rosamund Morley
Patty Halverson Annalisa Pappano
Jane Hershey Elisabeth Reed
Brady Lanier John Mark Rozendaal
Josh Lee Margriet Tindemans

Download a PDF of complete faculty bios here.

Conclave Staff
Sarah Mead Music Director
Sarah Poon
David Poon Conclave Managers
Chrissy Spencer
Phillip Serna Scholarship Coordinator
Colin Shipman Viol Doctor
Harry Grabenstein Bow Doctor

Conclave 2013 Features

  • 10th Traynor Composition Competition Concert
  • Special Programs
    • Beginning Viol
    • Seasoned Players & Special Projects
    • Consort Cooperative
  • Drop-In Consorts
  • Lunchtime Teaching Seminars
  • Open Readings of New Music
  • Viol and Bow Doctors
  • Live and Silent Scholarship Auction
  • VdGSA Store
  • Boulder Early Music Shop
  • Builders' Exhibits
  • Annual Town Meeting
  • Young Players' Gathering
  • Banquet & Entertainment
  • Mini-Concerts

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Class Offerings

Self-Rating Guide
Class levels are based on the 2011 Self-Rating Guide, available here. You will be asked to refer to it when you fill out your Registration

For a printable PDF version of the class offerings, click here.

First Period (9:00-10:30)
Any Lee Our Viols, Ourselves—Stretches, warm ups & techniques to help avoid injury, make playing less painful with instruments
B+ ‑ LI Elhard Consorts for Newbies—Learn the skills needed to play in consort with other viols
LI ‑ I Ashworth Tanzen und Springen—Dance-band music for viol consort
LI ‑ I Macdonald Tech Times Two—Basic technique taught through duets: bows, fingers, and counting Bass only
LI ‑ UI Blendulf Safe Crossing—Learning to navigate string crossings through exercises & excerpts
I ‑ UI Ludwig Drop the Bow—Develop facility & enjoy the magic soundworld of the plucked viol - no bows necessary!
I ‑ UI Pappano Treble Technique—Work on pushing your technique, while achieving a beautiful sound. Treble only
I ‑ UI Morley Tenor Technique—Stretch yourself through exercises and music from Petrucci's earliest publications Tenor only
I ‑ UI Gillespie Scaling the Heights—Exploring the upper reaches of your instrument one (half-) step at a time
I ‑ A Reed About a Bow—Effective use of your entire bow: you paid for the whole thing, so use it!
I ‑ A Hershey Tablature for Tenors—Sometimes smaller is better. Enjoy your instrument in a whole new way! Tenor only
I+ ‑ A McGaughey Bound & Determined—Clean up your act with exercises for daily practice & tips for solving technical problems
UI ‑ A Dornenburg Bass Technique—Building a more solid technical foundation B only, bass and alto clefs
UI ‑ A Tindemans By Leaps—Becoming a confident shifter on any size of viol
UI+ ‑ A+ Halverson
30/60 —30 minutes of technique, 60 minutes of repertoire: the perfect morning combo 3 sections, by level

Second Period (11:00-12:15)
B Elhard Introduction to the Viol—Free Beginners' class for all comers (instruments provided)
B+ ‑ LI Lanier Beginnings & Endings—Focus on the group experience: ensemble, blend, balance, and listening
LI+ ‑ I Dornenburg Songs without Words—Renaissance chansons and motets for viols
I Pappano The Senfl Truth—Discover the inventive counterpoint of Ludwig Senfl’s consort music
I ‑ UI Lee French 101—Consort arrangements of Lully, Campra & Marais for the soloisticly faint-of-heart
UI Hershey Low Jump—Low consorts from the Low Countries: treble-free music-making Tenor & Bass only
I ‑ A Macdonald
Border Crossing —In 1588, Musica Transalpina brought the Italian madrigal to England; celebrate its 425th anniversary with viols & voices (and barless music!) 2 sections, by level, voices welcome
I ‑ A Blendulf
Great Gibbons —Explore the fantasias and madrigals of the incomparable Orlando 2 sections, by level
I ‑ A Halverson
Pre-Formed Consort—Intensive coaching of your group on your own goals & repertoire
UI ‑ A Ashworth Three B's—Byrd, Bach & Brahms: motets, chorales & organ preludes arranged for viols
A McGaughey Leaping Lawes—Lawes consorts with special attention to his signature shifts and jumps
A+ Meints Bound for Glory—Study of the Bach Passion arias B only, bass and alto clefs
Open Session (no registration required)
Open Session Gutierrez La Viola Loca—Rhythmic and poignant music from Spain and Latin America voices welcome

Third Period (2:00-3:15)
any Reed Soundbodies—Learn Feldenkrais™ techniques for greater comfort and efficiency while playing
LI ‑ I Blendulf Iberian Impulses—Spanish villancicos from the Cancionero de Upsala
I Halverson Good Housekeeping—Songs and dances by Vecchi and Schein, with an emphasis on balance and clarity
I ‑ UI Meints Ward of the State—Use the fantasies of John Ward to work on consort sound & tuning
I ‑ UI Mead On the Bounding Main—Find your sea-legs: how to read the chart & get back on course when you’re lost
I ‑ UI McGaughey Bottoms Up!—Continuo lines for the harmonically innocent Bass only
UI Pappano Lyra-way—Speaking the language of tablature in solo & ensemble music Bass only
UI Hershey Jenkins' Bow—Jenkins consort music, with an emphasis on bow-control in the passage-work
UI ‑ A Gillespie Working without a Net—Discover the thrill and satisfaction of playing from early notation
UI+ ‑ A+ Dornenburg Dance a Day w/ Marais—Work as a group through a French solo suite B only, bass and alto clefs
UI+ ‑ A+ Lanier
Flying Leap!—Prepare a Traynor piece for performance w/ help from the standard viol repertoire
Open Session (no registration required)
Open Session Ashworth Leap of Faith—Music from an Anglican choir-loft: anthems of the Reformation & beyond voices welcome

Fourth Period (3:45-5:00)
B ‑ B+ Gillespie Leaping Forward—An extra boost for new and recent viol-players
LI ‑ I Gutierrez Follow me!—Canons, catches & chorales by Purcell, Ravenscroft, Bach & more voices welcome
I ‑ UI Tindemans Jumping off the Ground—Chaconnes & Passacaglias, both improvised and composed
UI ‑ A Ludwig Out of Bounds—Avant-Garde music of the Renaissance: Picforth, Tye, Senfl, Josquin & more
UI ‑ A Elhard Teaching Beginners—New techniques for teaching the viol to beginners and non-string-players
UI ‑ A Lanier Arranging for Viol—Class members submit their own arrangements for playing & feedback
A ‑ A+ Meints Leaping the Centuries—18th c. markings in the Sibley Library copy of Marais' Livre II B only, bass and alto clefs
Open Session (no registration required)
Open Session Rozendaal En Masse—Taverner’s Missa Gloria Tibi Trinitas: the Mass that launched a thousand In Nomines voices welcome

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The Schedule

Saturday, July 20 Early arrivals after 2:00 p.m. (extra fee)
Sunday, July 21 2:00-6:00 Registration and check in; Opening night festivities
Monday, July 22 Classes begin
Tuesday, July 23 Scholarship auction
Wednesday, July 24 Afternoon/evening off for sightseeing
Thursday, July 25 10th Traynor composition competition concert
Friday, July 26 Consort Co-op performance; Student concert
Saturday, July 27 Final classes; Town meeting; Banquet
Sunday, July 28 Check out by 11:00 a.m.

Welcome Letter
A "welcome" letter containing many Conclave details, including travel, items to bring, etc. will be available later in the Spring.



FULL-TIME There are four class-periods during the day. Full-time participants may take up to three classes. During the period(s) they choose to have free, they may opt to have time off or take part in the Open Session. Those choosing to take three classes must include a 1st Period class.

PART-TIME Some people prefer to have a light schedule and take only one class. Those Part-Time participants register for one class only but may take part in Open Sessions if they wish without further charge.

PRE-FORMED CONSORT If you are part of a pre-existing consort who wish to be coached as a group for one session, there is a class for you entitled "Pre-Formed Consort" in the 2nd period.


The VdGSA waives the Conference Fee for local residents interested in trying the viol for the first time; as an outreach to the community we provide the Introductory Class free of charge.

BEGINNING VIOL The 2nd-Period "Introduction to the Viol" class is offered for free to local residents and other Beginner registrants. The class introduces basic technique, ensemble playing, practicing skills, and ideas for how to continue to play the viol after Conclave. Registrants may sign up for this free course, which meets daily from Monday to Saturday, and are also welcome to audit the Open Sessions free of charge. (Contact Sarah Mead for more information)

BEGINNERS+1 In addition to the Introductory Course, adventurous beginners may pay the single-class fee of $100 and register for the 4th-period "Leaping Forward" class designed as a power-boost for new players (a cost of under $20 a day).

*Instruments are available to beginners free of charge with advance registration. Please check the appropriate box when you sign up for the Beginning Viol program to indicate that you are interested in borrowing an instrument.


Some very experienced Conclave attendees prefer to play together uncoached during class time. These players may register for the Seasoned Players program, or can apply to take part in the new Special Projects.

SEASONED PLAYERS This program offers strong readers a chance to play through a large amount of consort repertoire in a relaxed, social, and unstructured setting. A coordinator helps to organize the players and music. Participants must have the flexibility and sight-reading skill to play the gamut of viol consort music on more than one size of instrument. Those who wish to take one coached class can choose the SP +1 option, and pay the single-class fee; all others pay only the conference fee. Contact Alice Renken, (760) 729-6679, for more information. Email: Alice Renken.

SPECIAL PROJECTS A new subset of the Seasoned Players program, the Special Projects program is open to professionals, faculty on rotation, and other players with A+ scores in the Self-Rating Guide. This is also an excellent option for people who have completed the Consort Cooperative program. When you register for Seasoned Players, you will be asked if you would like to be considered for Special Projects. Each participant will propose a project for the group to spend time on during the week; this could include exploring unfamiliar repertoire, playing from original notation, or experimenting with new techniques. For more information contact: Sarah Mead.


Designed for professional and pre-professional viol players, the Consort Cooperative provides an intensive week of viol playing within highly accomplished consorts of one's peers. CC participants will hone their directing and teaching skills by coaching pieces they have selected, as well as exploring both standard and unusual consort repertoire in groups led by their peers. The goal of the program is to provide the opportunity to focus intensely on a small body of pieces (chosen by participants) and to delve deeply into the music at the highest technical level. Participants perform an afternoon mini-concert and have the option of registering for one 3rd-period class in the Regular Curriculum. When you select this program from the menu below, you will complete your Conclave registration and can choose a 3rd-period class, which is included in your total fee. An additional application is required for acceptance into this program. Applicants to the CC program are required to register for Conclave. They must also supply additional information to Zoe Weiss by May 1. See details at Consort Cooperative.


Exhibitors of instruments, bows, and related materials are invited to exhibit at Conclave. Display space will be available adjacent to the VdGSA Store. One table per exhibitor is guaranteed ($25 per day plus pro-rated conference fee for exhibitors not registered as tuition students). We will make every effort to provide as much display space as you require, but we can guarantee one table only. Exhibitors must register on-line. The registration process includes a special program for builders and exhibitors with the option of part-week stays and pro-rated fees. Exhibitors must complete registration—including housing requests—by June 15. Contact Susan Marchant at Conclave Vendor Coordinator, phone: (662) 816-9959.


Guests and family of Conclave participants who plan to attend without participating in any of the programs must register as Non-Playing Attendees.

Faculty | Programs | Fees | Classes | Contacts

Workshop Fees


Regular curriculum, full-time (for anyone taking 2 or 3 classes plus optional Open Sessions) $425 $445
Regular curriculum, part-time (plus any number of Open Sessions) $325 $345
Beginning Viol (local attendees taking only the 2nd period "Introduction to the Viol" class.) No charge No charge
Beginners+1 (local Beginners taking the 2nd period "Introduction to the Viol" + the 4th period "Leaping Forward" class) $100 $100
Beginning Viol (Non-local attendees taking only the 2nd period "Introduction to the Viol" class) $225 $245
Beginners+1 (Non-local Beginners taking the 2nd period "Intoduction to the Viol" class + the 4th period "Leaping Forward" class) $325 $345
Seasoned Players and Special Projects (taking no classes) $225 $245
SP+1 (Seasoned Players and Special Projects taking 1 class) $325 $345
Consort Cooperative (includes 1 optional 3rd period class) $280 $300
Conference fee for all others not taking classes (includes guests and non-playing attendees) $225 $245
Late registration fee (after May 15) $25 $25
*A member is any member of the VdGSA or a foreign viola da gamba society. Non-members will receive a 1-year first-time membership in the VdGSA as part of their tuition fee.
Have questions about this? Email Conclave Management.

Room and board

Room Type Cost for the week Daily rate
(for non-players)
Early Arrival
(after 2pm Saturday)
Deluxe single - private bath (limited availability) $675 $100 $100
Single $575 $85 $85
Double $375 $60 $60
A few $125 subsidies for R & B are available for students and others on limited income. This option is available during the application process.
The banquet is included in the Room and Board.
If you are staying off campus but would like to attend the banquet, the cost is $40.


Conclave Work-Study positions come with full-tuition scholarships ($425) or part-time stipends ($225 for Consort Cooperative players only). Work-Study students handle the VdGSA Store, photocopying, registration, stage-managing and other similar duties. The application form for Work-Study Scholarships/Stipends is available during the online registration process. If you wish to apply but do not have internet access, contact the scholarship coordinator as soon as possible (see below). Applications must be received by April 25. Most recipients should know by May 25 if they will receive a subsidy. These positions fill quickly, so be sure to apply promptly! Contact Phillip Serna 847-722-2093, email: Phillip Serna.

Scholarship applicationsMay 1
Consort Cooperative applicationsMay 1
Late registration fee applies afterMay 15
Registration closesJune 15
Last cancellation dateJune 15

Pacific University, Forest Grove, Orgon

Located about 25 miles west of Portland, Pacific University occupies 55 acres in downtown Forest Grove, Oregon. The drive from Portland's airport (PDX) is just under an hour to the center of Forest Grove, but plan your trip to avoid Portland's rush hour traffic! Oregon's Pacific Coast is only 54 miles from Forest Grove with a scenic drive through Tillamook State Forest. Forest Grove is known as the gateway to Oregon's famed wine country. There are over a dozen wineries minutes from downtown Forest Grove that offer tasting rooms, fine food, music and art events, gift shops and tours.

Founded in 1849 by Congregational pioneers as the Tualatin Academy, today Pacific University is an independent liberal arts university enrolling over 3000 students. The compact campus is home to oaks, firs, redwoods, and acorn woodpeckers. Pacific University is in downtown Forest Grove, a charming, walkable town of about 20,000.

In addition to a refurbished 400-seat recital hall designed for chamber music, Pacific has again offered us housing in 2 new Gold LEED dorms. Both dorms are apartment style, arranged in both doubles and singles for groups of 2 to 6 people. Each apartment features a living room, kitchen/kitchenette and 2 bathrooms. The dorms have wifi, air-conditioning, and elevators. A city swimming pool, located in one of the town's 9 parks, is very near the dorms.

On Wednesday, the schedule is adjusted to give you the late afternoon and evening off so that you may explore the area. You might look for bald eagles at the Fernhill Wetlands birding area or opt for wine or sake tasting downtown. Want to get to a bigger city? A Trimet bus leaves Forest Grove every 15 minutes and will connect you to the Max light rail service into Portland. The Hagg Lake Recreation Area offers swimming and boating, and there are 5 area Golf Courses including world famous Pumpkin Ridge.

For more information:

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Scholarships Phillip Serna 847-722-2093 Phillip Serna.
Assistance in registering off-line Kate Shuldiner
847-894-7562 Kate Shuldiner
Money matters Ken Perlow
708-989-1729 Ken Perlow
Exhibits Susan Marchant 662-816-9959 Susan Marchant
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Campus information Pacific University
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