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48th Annual Conclave
July 25 - August 1, 2010
Pacific University
Forest Grove, Oregon

Registration is now closed.

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Welcome Letter on-line

The Conclave welcome letter is now available on the web site. Get yours here.
We have directions for taking the train from Portland Airport to a shuttle pick-up location. Click here.

Conclave 2010 Features

  • Special Programs
    • Beginning Viol
    • Seasoned Players
    • Consort Cooperative
  • Student Concert
  • Composers' Round-Robin
  • Uncoached Consorts
  • Side-by-Side Sightreading
  • Stealth Performances
  • Boulder Early Music Shop
  • VdGSA Store
  • Vendors' Market
  • Live and Silent Auctions
  • Town Meeting
  • Young Players' Gathering
  • Banquet and Entertainment
  • Featured Concert: "Sweet Discourse: A Tasting Menu of Consort Delicacies"

Martha Bishop Rosamund Morley
Marie Dalby David Morris
John Dornenburg John Mark Rozendaal
Wendy Gillespie Mary Springfels
Jane Hershey Lisa Terry
Julie Jeffrey Margriet Tindemans
Lawrence Lipnik Brent Wissick
Catharina Meints Shannon Zusman
Sarah Mead

Check out the complete faculty bios here.

Conclave Staff
Sarah Mead Music Director
Kathy Schenley Conclave Coordinator
Alice Renken & Jean Seiler Conclave Assistants
Sarah Poon Scholarship Coordinator and
Concert Manager
Charlie Ogle Viol Doctor
Harry Grabenstein Bow Rehairing
Bob and Janet Loy Local Hosts

Featured Concert
Sweet Discourse: A Tasting Menu of Consort Delicacies
Thursday, July 29, 7:30 p.m.

  • Music from Dowland's Lachrimae
    The Portland Viol Consort with guests
  • Within the Labyrinth: consort highlights from the Parthenia season
    Parthenia & Friends
  • Big and Beautiful: French music for multiple viols
    Hallifax & Jeffrey with guests

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Need a ride to Conclave, or a viol to use, or able to provide either?

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Schedule of events

Registration begins at noon on Sunday, July 25, in the lower lobby of Gilbert Hall. Early arrival on July 24 may be arranged. Our first meal is dinner Sunday evening, followed by orientation, an informal faculty concert, and welcoming get-together.

Classes are Monday through Saturday. Please note that Saturday will be a full day.

Activities include featured concerts, facilitated consort reading sessions, live and silent auctions, a festive banquet, and student performances. Wednesday late afternoon and evening is free for you to explore the area's amenities.

The week ends with breakfast Sunday morning, August 1; check-out time is 11 am. Please note that the program is planned to accommodate a maximum of 140 full-time students. If you are not sure about attending, we recommend that you sign up anyway, so as to assure yourself room and class space. You may cancel without penalty until June 15.

A "welcome" letter containing many Conclave details, including travel, items to bring, etc. will be mailed out beginning in mid-April. These details will also be posted on the Society website,

Special Programs


As a community outreach, this class is offered free to local residents and to guests of Conclave registrants. The class emphasizes technique, practice habits, and goals for the coming year. Instruments will be available free of charge. The class will meet Monday through Saturday. Contact Sarah Mead, email: Sarah Mead.


Register as a group for 1 class only. Priority to 6-member groups. Register early and all at about the same time.


This program is for professionals who are not on faculty, highly advanced amateurs, and semi-pros who want to work on specific projects or just read through consort repertoire. Participants in the SP Program pay only the Conclave conference fee and do not take classes (or take just one class at the one-class rate). Applicants for this program should be strong readers and sufficiently competent with the consort literature to be comfortable playing more than one instrument on the more difficult repertoire. For more information, contact Ken Perlow (708) 989-1729, email: Ken Perlow.


The Consort Cooperative is an intensive, peer-directed program for pre-professional and professional viol players that runs concurrently with Conclave. CC participants hone their directing skills as they explore both traditional and unusual consort repertoire in peer-coached consorts. Participants in CC'10 will perform an afternoon mini-concert. For details and applications see the March VdGSA News, or Consort Cooperative. Contact Loren Ludwig, email: Loren Ludwig.


Builders and dealers of instruments, bows, and related materials are invited to exhibit at Conclave. Secure display space will be available adjacent to the VdGSA Store. One table per exhibitor is guaranteed ($25 per day plus pro-rated conference fee for exhibitors not registered as tuition students). We will make every effort to provide as much display space as you require, but we can guarantee one table only. Exhibitors are strongly urged to register on-line. The on-line registration includes a special program for builders and exhibitors with the option of part-week stays and pro-rated fees. Exhibitors must complete all registration forms–including housing requests—by June 15. Contact Susan Marchant, email: Susan Marchant, phone: (662) 816-9959.


Conclave Work-Study positions come with full-tuition scholarships ($400) or part-time stipends ($200 for Consort Cooperative players only). Work-Study students handle the VdGSA Store, photocopying, registration, stage-managing and other similar duties. The application form for Work-Study Scholarships/Stipends is available during the online registration process. If you wish to apply but do not have internet access, contact the scholarship coordinator as soon as possible (see below). Applications must be received by May 9. Most recipients should know by May 23 if they will receive a subsidy. These positions fill quickly, so be sure to apply promptly! Contact Sarah Poon 604-512-9152, email: Sarah Poon.

Scholarship applicationsMay 9
Consort Cooperative applicationsMay 1
Late registration fee applies afterMay 15
Registration closesJune 15
Last cancellation dateJune 15
This year there are two possibilities for housing on campus:
  • Apartment-style dorm - single
  • Apartment-style dorm - double
For more details, get the whole story here.

Faculty | Programs | Fees | Classes | Contacts


This year we will be trying a new approach to the four-period schedule. In the past, the last period of the day has been relatively unstructured, featuring open coached playing sessions and ad hoc consorts. Many have used this as a free period to practice, take a private lesson, or relax. This year participants will have the opportunity to choose which of the 2nd, 3rd or 4th periods to use as their "open" time. Each of these periods will offer a slate of classes, but also the OPEN option. Select your unstructured period to match your own preferred pace. Perhaps you would like the chance to practice before lunch to solidify new concepts from your first morning class. Maybe you'd appreciate a breather after lunch to get your second wind. If, however, you prefer to keep playing, each OPEN option includes a drop-in class you can attend as often as you like during the week. Just remember that everyone must choose one OPEN period for the whole week.

First Period (9:00-10:30)
Level Teacher Class Focus
B Hershey Beginning Viol: Open to all! Instruments provided free of charge with advance reservation. No limit.
LI - MI Morris Swap Meet: your chance to bone up on a new size of instrument (or a new clef) among friends. Limit 8.
LI - MI Zusman La Dolce Vita: satisfy your sweet tooth for English and Italian madrigals. Limit 10.
LI - UI Mead Mixed Blessings: from Blessed Bowers to Beatus Vir, a mixed bag of blessings for mixed levels. Limit 8.
LI - UI Meints Left-Handed Complement: learn how good left-hand habits can affect the quality of your sound. Limit 10.
MI - UI Wissick Right-Hand Man: focus on sound bowing technique. Limit 12.
MI Tindemans Quincentennial Consorts: Clemens, Ortiz, Ruffo, A. Gabrieli & Nola celebrate their 500th birthday. Limit 10.
MI Springfels Musica Scotia: a hearty mix of Scottish music apt for viols, voices, and fiddles. Limit 10.
UI Lipnik Let Your Viol Sing: from Verdelot to Marenzio, the madrigal as consort music. Limit 6.
UI Morley Pass it On: give-and-take your instruments and play all the parts in a variety of English consorts. Limit 6.
UI - A Dalby Totally Treble: ensembles for equal voices, solos, and exercises for the high-minded. Limit 8.
UI - A Jeffrey Technically Tenor: focus on technique for the ultimate go-between. Limit 8.
UI - A Dornenburg Basically Bass: exercises for improving bow control, left hand independence and shifting. Limit 8.
UI - A Rozendaal, Gillespie, Terry 30/60: daily workouts combining 30 minutes of focused technique and 60 minutes of consort repertoire. Limit 6 per consort
A Bishop The Talented Mr. Jenkins: fantasias from modern editions and facsimile. Limit 6.

Second Period (11:00-12:15)
Level Teacher Class Focus
LI Bishop Free for the Taking: early music freely available on the Internet. Limit 10.
LI - MI Dalby Dancing Around the World: from pavans and galliards to tangos and more! Limit 10. Percussionists welcome.
MI - UI Jeffrey Tenor on Top: music for low instruments. Limit 8, tenors & basses only.
MI - UI Dornenburg Italian Consorts: 4-part music by Cima and his contemporaries. Limit 8.
UI Zusman Sweet Remembrance: multiple settings of Doulce memoire from George Houle’s book. Limit 8.
UI Wissick Taking Breaths, Giving Voice: exploring the consort song literature. Limit 5.
UI - A Hershey Madrigal to Fantasia: adapting Monteverdi’s madrigals for viols. Limit 5.
UI - A Tindemans Take a Ground, Make a Passamezzo: following Ortiz’s advice for playing over chord patterns. Limit 6.
UI - A Rozendaal Baroque Gamba Orchestra: Lawes, Purcell, and Charpentier for many viols. No limit, all sizes.
A Meints Digging into Lawes: an in-depth study of Lawes’ viol consorts. 5 or 6 players.
OPEN Gillespie Music in Motion: well-traveled polyphony that covered the Continent. Viols & voices, all levels.

Third Period (2:00-3:15)
Level Teacher Class Focus
Any Bishop Lovely Lyras: lyra ensemble music for inexperienced tab-players. Limit 10, any size.
LI - MI Gillespie A Tune a Day: famous tunes from the Renaissance in a panoply of guises. Limit 10.
LI - MI Springfels Allemand Left: lively German dance music by composers you’ve never heard of. Limit 10.
MI Zusman Sweet Harmony: the music of John Dunstable, mathematician, astronomer, model for Dufay. Limit 8.
MI Mead* Push-me/Pull-you: (see below) two consorts of two levels, together & alone, as partners & observers. Limit 6.
UI Terry How to Perform: learn skills to overcome brain-freeze & have a successful consort performance. Limit 6.
UI - A Morley Taking from the Old, Giving to the New: contemporary consorts for viols, some doubling. 4 or 8 players.
UI - A Morris Bach to Bach: the 4-part preludes and fugues arranged for viols, from the PRB books. 4 or 8 players.
UI - A Dornenburg Chaconne-a-Day: a non-threatening approach to music for the solo bass viol. No limit, basses; alto & bass clefs.
A Mead* Push-me/Pull-you: (see above) consort master-class, self-coaching, mentoring, modeling & co-playing. Limit 6.
A Rozendaal Sit Fast: buckle your seatbelts for a ride through the trio literature. 6 or 9 players.
OPEN Lipnik From cantare to sonare: the Italian Canzona from its vocal roots to the polychoral masters (All sizes, all levels)
          *This is one class comprising two consorts

Fourth Period (3:45-5:00)
Level Teacher Class Focus
Any Meints Not just for Ladies: the special thrills and challenges of the pardessus de viole. Limit 6, pardessus.
LI - MI Hershey Vivan las diferencias!: Spanish music for viols – villancicos, tientos and diferencias. Limit 10.
MI - UI Morris Introduction to French Style: join the crowd and jump in with both feet. No limit, all sizes.
MI - UI Morley Playing Catch: exploring the duet repertoire from East & Locke to Schenck & Couperin. Limit 10, basses.
UI Springfels Faithful Shepherd: settings of Guarini's Il Pastor Fido by Wert, Marenzio, and Monteverdi. Limit 5.
UI - A Jeffrey Apt for Viols & Voices: from the upcoming PRB edition of Weelkes madrigals by Julie Jeffrey. Limit 6.
UI - A Lipnik Ludi Musici: get your rhythm-game on with dance music of Schein and Scheidt. Limit 5.
UI - A Dalby Spanish Stylings of Francisco Guerrero: vocal & instrumental music of a lesser-known master. Limit 6.
A Tindemans Passion and Excess: the strange and exciting music of Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa. Limit 5.
OPEN Wissick Jenkins for All: taking ideas from European traditions and giving them his personal style (All sizes, all levels)

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Workshop Fees

Room and board

Room Type Cost for the week Saturday arrival cost
(includes meals
starting with Saturday supper)
Daily rate
Single $425 $65 $65
Double $325 $50 $50
A few $125 subsidies for R & B are available for students and others on limited income. This option is available during the application process.
The banquet is included in the Room and Board. If you are staying off campus but would like to attend the banquet, the cost is $35.


  • Full tuition (2 or more classes) $400
  • Partial tuition (one class only) $300
  • Non-participants (guests, non-playing partners, Seasoned Players and Consort Cooperative members not taking classes) $200
  • Area participants in the Beginning Viol Class only — No charge
  • Full refund for cancellation before June 15.
  • Non-members must join the VdGSA (unless already a member of a foreign viola da gamba society) and will be charged an additional $20 for their 1st-year membership.

Pacific University, Forest Grove, Orgon

Located about 25 miles west of Portland, Pacific University occupies 55 acres in downtown Forest Grove, Oregon. It's a short 35 minute car ride from downtown Portland to the center of Forest Grove with only one traffic light during the entire trip! Oregon's Pacific Coast is only 54 miles from Forest Grove with a scenic drive through Tillamook State Forest. Forest Grove is known as the gateway to Oregon's famed wine country. There are over a dozen wineries minutes from downtown Forest Grove that offer tasting rooms, fine food, music and art events, gift shops and tours.

Founded in 1849 by Congregational pioneers as the Tualatin Academy, today Pacific University is an independent liberal arts university enrolling over 3000 students. The compact campus is home to oaks, firs, redwoods, and acorn woodpeckers. Pacific University is in downtown Forest Grove, a charming, walkable town of about 20,000.

In addition to a newly refurbished 400-seat recital hall designed for chamber music, Pacific has offered us housing in 2 new Gold LEED dorms. Both dorms are apartment style, arranged in both doubles and singles for groups of 4–6 people. Each apartment features a living room, kitchen and 2 bathrooms. The dorms have wifi, air-conditioning, and elevators. A city swimming pool in one of the town's 9 parks, is located very near the dorms.

On Wednesday, the schedule is adjusted to give you the late afternoon and evening off so that you may explore the area. You might look for bald eagles at the Fernhill Wetlands birding area or opt for wine or sake tasting downtown. Want to get to a bigger city? A Trimet bus leaves Forest Grove every 15 minutes and will connect you to the Max light rail service into Portland. The Hagg Lake Recreation Area offers swimming and boating, and there are 5 area Golf Courses including world famous Pumpkin Ridge.

For more information:

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Faculty | Programs | Fees | Classes | Contacts

Points of Contact

Responsibility Name Phone Email
Music Director Sarah Mead 508-655-2597 Sarah Mead
Scholarships Sarah Poon 604-512-9152 Sarah Poon
Housing questions Kathy Schenley 919-918-4159 Kathy Schenley
Money matters, forms Ken Perlow
131 S. Humphrey,
Oak Park, IL 60302
708-989-1729 Ken Perlow
Exhibits Susan Marchant 662-234-3266 Susan Marchant
Local hosts Bob and Janet Loy 503-292-0990 Janet Loy
Bob Loy
VdGSA President Wendy Gillespie 812-336-1810 Wendy Gillespie
Campus information Pacific University
Local information Forest Grove, OR
Web registration issues Linda and Peter Payzant   Web Masters


Need a ride to Conclave, or a viol to use, or able to provide either?

The Conclave Connection Board has now been disabled. See you next year.

The Conclave Connection Board aims to help hook up those who need transportation with those who can provide it, and those who may be able to bring extra instruments with those who will need them. Note that we no longer administer a rental program for Conclave. Instruments will be made available to adult beginners free of charge. If you expect to need an instrument at Conclave, and you're not signing up for the adult beginners' class, please use the Connection Board to make your situation known.

We have directions for taking the train from Portland Airport to a shuttle pick-up location. Click here.