Consort Cooperative 2010


Designed for pre-professional and professional viol players, the Consort Cooperative provides an intensive week of viol playing within highly accomplished peer consorts. CC participants hone their directing skills as well as explore both classic and unusual consort repertoire. The goals of the program are not rooted solely in preparing for a small concert at the end of the week; but rather more importantly, provide the opportunity to focus intensely on a select body of pieces (chosen by the participants), and give the chance to delve deeply into the music, at the highest technical level, in the spirit of discovery, flexibility and collaboration.

We expect CC participants to come to the program looking to improve any number of aspects of their viol career, from directing and collaborating, to performing and teaching. Running the CC during Conclave allows CC participants to not only network amongst themselves and the faculty, but also with the community at large —a potential body of students, workshop attendees, and concert audiences. The 2010 Consort Coop program will also offer numerous additional opportunities for performance and teaching beyond the collaborative inter-group work (in mini-concerts, ad-hoc consorts with other Conclave participants, etc.)

Program Description:

The CC program runs concurrently with the rest of Conclave, and its daily schedule is similarly organized into four 75-minute periods: two in the morning and two after lunch. The CC participants choose the music to be worked on and coach it from within. Well in advance of Conclave, each participant is asked to propose specific consort pieces/projects that they would personally like to prepare as a director/player. Using this information, the CC coordinator compiles a master list and schedule, which allots 2 periods on consecutive days for work on each piece. When not directing his or her own project, each participant will be playing in someone else's ensemble.

The personnel and instrumentation for each ensemble are varied over the course of each day, so that all participants have the opportunity to get to know each other and work together over the course of the week. Fourth period each day is set aside for coaching ad hoc consorts, informal playing with other Conclave attendees, rehearsing for the CC mini-concert (Friday afternoon, before dinner), individual practicing or just plain relaxing and socializing.

For additional specific information about how the CC is run, please email Loren Ludwig.


The success of the CC program is to a great extent predicated on each participant having significant technical expertise and knowledge of the consort repertoire, and on their bringing to the CC community a desire for further personal growth, a supportive attitude and the willingness to work as part of a team. The successful CC applicant is either already playing music on a professional level or is working towards doing so in some capacity—CC is also designed as a networking environment for people looking to meet other viol players with whom to create concerts.

Enrollment in the CC is extremely selective; applicants who have attended three consecutive CC sessions in the past will be considered for admission only after all other applications are read. Participants will pay room, board, and the non-student conference fee, and they may apply for additional assistance through scholarships. See below for full application details.

Application Details:

Registration is limited to roughly 12 musicians. The application deadline is May 1, 2010. Application to the CC program consists of four (4) parts, which must all be completed in their entirety by the deadline, in order for an applicant to be considered.

NOTA BENE: If you have applied to CC in the past and been accepted, you DO NOT need to resubmit either recordings or recommendations. However, you MUST apply to Conclave as per #1 below, AND submit a personal statement that indicates why you should be accepted to CC again and what specific types of projects you are interested in working on.

For all others, to apply, you must:

  1. Complete the normal Conclave registration materials, indicating that you are applying to the CC program. Please be sure to complete the self-rating portion of the registration form, as well as indicating what instruments and clefs you are comfortable playing. Though it is not necessary for successful applicants to play all sizes of viol, the info on what sizes each participant does play is essential for CC planning!
  2. Write a short personal statement (300-500 words) that expresses why you believe yourself to be a good candidate for the CC. Your statement might address what strengths you would bring to the program, what kind of issues in your own playing you would hope to address over the course of the week, or what you hope to gain from being involved in the CC, etc.

Additionally, please submit two (2) of the following list of items:

Please submit your application materials electronically to Loren Ludwig.