2012 - Newark, Delaware

Our 50th Anniversary Conclave was held at the University of Delaware, in Newark Delaware.
Conclave Classes and Teachers
The Faculty.
The Consort Cooperative.
50/50 for Tenors with Julie Jeffrey.
David Morris' Post-Renaissance Polyphony class.
Holborne Musical Chairs with Shanon Zusman.
Mary Springfels.
Judith Davidoff.
Martha Bishop
Joelle Morton
Carol Herman
The Delaware Viol-Harmonic with John Mark Rozendaal.
Elin Soderstrom.
Donna Fournier's Semper Dowland class.
Cathy Meints' Oldies on Oldies class.
One of the "Just DO It" class break-outs.
Joanna Blendulf's Getting into Treble class.
Loren Ludwig
Ros Morley
Concerts and other events
The First Night Play-in.
The 50th anniversary quilt.
Mini-concert: The Nota Bene viol consort.
Mini-concert: A Marais Sampler.
Mini-Concert: French Baroque Masters.
Launch of "The Caldwell Collection of Viols".
"The Caldwell Collection of Viols" launch party.
Mini-Concert: The Oberlin Consort of Viols.
Tom MacCracken presenting The World of Antique Viols.
Setting up for "The Ultimate Fantasy."
Panoramic view of Ultimate Fantasy players.
Sarah Mead directing the "Ultimate Fantasy".
Display of antique viols.
Sampling some old viols.
Cathy Meints auditioning Ros Morley's antique bass.
Bill Monical talking about viols.
Mini-concert: A Sephardic Potpourri.
Student Concert: Brent Wissick's "Getting to Know You" class.
Student Concert: John Mark Rozendaal and the Delaware Viol-Harmonic.
Faculty "interval" band.
Composers of the 50-Second Pieces.
The Consort Coop, conducted by Brady Lanier.
Audience responding to Consort Coop concert.
Eight historical viols.
Barak Norman viols.
Musical Melodrama: Jupiter and Saturn.
Organizers, Custodes and the Board
The VdGSA Board.
President Wendy Gillespie.
Conclave Music Director Sarah Mead.
Conclave Coordinator Kathy Schenley.
Treasurer Ken Perlow.
Secretary Alice Renken.
Some of the custodes.
Phillip Serna (Scholarship Coordinator) and two custodes.
Newsletter Editor Janet Scott.
Board member Scott Mason.
Chapter and area representatives.
Custos Leslie Nero.
Auctions Coordinator Heather Spence and custos Marilyn Fung working on the Silent Auction.
Our purser was custos David Poon.
Custodes handling registration.
Outgoing president Wendy Gillespie.
"Team Spoon" telling us about next year's venue.
The University of Delaware
George Read Hall and Christiana Towers East.
Clayton Hall.
Clayton Hall Auditorium.
Forested pathway on the campus.
Clayton Hall Lobby.
Pedestrian and bicycle path linking our part of the campus with other areas.
Thomas McKean Hall.
Entrance to Pencader Dining Hall.
Campus walkway; people saying goodbye.
Thomas McKean Hall.
Lunch time in the cafeteria.
Our Sign - outside Thomas McKean Hall.
The Banquet
Banquet table and decorations.
Some of the hundreds of people at the banquet.
Master of Ceremonies Liam Byrne.
Part of the Conclave management team.
Gerry Schram, Valerie Sylvester, Carol Marsh and Leslie Nero.
A special moment for Kathy Schenley.
Yukimi Kambe reads a congratulatory message from the VdGSJ.
Carol Herman performing her poem "To a One-piece Folding Music Stand".
Rita Kaplan reading a poem.
Thallis Drake reading Sarah Mead's Golden Dragon sonnet.
Jay Elfenbein and Adam Fogo.
The new President is crowned!
The Fiddle Dee Deez played us in to the banquet hall.
The Skywalkers.
Making Music
Viol Barbie and Ken return for a final(?) appearance.
A pre-formed consort.
Ad Hoc at the bookstore.
Mini-concert: Lyraway.
Musical chairs with faculty.
Musical Chairs with Faculty.
One of the Monday night "Musical Chairs" consorts.
"Harmonie" reading through some music.
Demonstration of John Pringle's soundpostless viols.
A little Night Music.
Jay Elfenbein trying one of John Pringle's instruments.
David Gillett and his hurdy-gurdy.
Ken Perlow and Colin Miles.
Lee Talner.
A couple of late-night Barak Normans.
The Taiko drumming class.
Louis Bégin trying an historical instrument.
50-Second Piece readthrough.
The Auctions
Anne Duranceau perusing some Silent Auction items.
Some of the 50 pairs of socks knitted by Martha Bishop.
Pre-auction performance.
Pre-auction performance.
Auctioneer Jack Ashworth.
Two collections of Australian delicacies.
The Auction Babes - anything you want!
Piper Howard Heller.
Harry Grabenstein demonstrating Taiko drumming.
Brady Lanier modelling his custom-painted gamba shoes.
Auction bidding with paddles.
Auction paddles.
A stained-glass creation commissioned by Dom and Barb Zuchowicz.
Auctions Coordinator Heather Spence.
Old Friends, New Friends
Sarah Spencer and Louis Bégin.
Chuck Gatlin, Charlie Nagel, Will Ayton and Willie Jackson.
Valerie Sylvester, Marilyn Fung and Elizabeth Macdonald.
The James Thurber t-shirt club.
Owners of viols made by Jane Julier.
Three "chests of viols."
After the rains.
Anne Duranceau talking with Jane Bruce and Gina Jenkins.
NPR journalist Jeff Lunden and Phillip Serna.
Lucy Cross and Linda Deshman.
Linda Shortridge, Janelle Davis and Sung Lee.
Check-out time.
Hiroko Sproesser and Sumiko Seki.
Brigitte Segmuller, Nancy Kennard and Kathleen Merfeld.
Al Folop and Marie Szuts.
Neil Seely and Sarah Peck.
John Hsu and Wendy Gillespie.
Chester Pearlman.
David Glaser and David Dauphiné.
Janet Scott and Linda Shortridge.
Art and Carol Hansuld enjoy a quiet moment.
Vendors and Makers
Motomi Igarashi-de Jong.
John Pringle with some of his medieval instruments.
Publisher Patrice Connelly.
Viol doctor Russell Wagner.
Anthony Allen and Charlie Ogle of Boulder Early Music.
Luthier Francis Beaulieu.
Viol doctor John Pringle.
Luthier and PegHed installer Linda Shortridge.
Luthier Gabriela Guadalajara.
Bowmaker Louis Bégin.
Luthier Warren Ellison.
Bow doctor Harry Grabenstein.

Photos were contributed by Laura Goudket, Scott Mason, Linda Payzant, Peter Payzant and Janet Scott. In addition to the foregoing, caption assistance came from Linda Deshman, Tracy Hoover, Sarah Mead, Sarah Poon, John Pringle, Alice Renken, Janet Scott, Chrissy Spencer, Valerie Sylvester and Marie Szuts. Thanks to you all!