2012 - Newark, Delaware

Old Friends, New Friends
Janet Scott
Owners of viols made by Jane Julier. In front seated on floor: Ken Perlow (treble, 1985, "Hypatia;" tenor, #114, 2003, "Boudica"). Front row [L-R]: Jane Julier (6-string bass after Henry Smith, #92, 1999; large tenor [anon.], #113, 2003; small 7-string bass, #147, 2011, owner Wendy Gillespie); Tom Anastasio (6-string bass, ram's head, 1984; tenor, ewe's head, 1986); Virginia Jenkins (treble, lamb's head, 1987), Lisa Terry (for VdGS-Greater New York, David Goldstein's old viol: treble, 1987); Sarah Cunningham (7-string Bertrand with bent front, 2002, #106; 6-string after Pitts, 1997, #84); Wendy Gillespie; Brooke Green (treble, 2002, "Julia"). Back row [L-R]: Phillip Serna (7-string bass, #129, 2007, "Natalia, La Reveuse [The Dreamer]"); Judy Klotz (tenor, 1987, "Daniell"); Carol Clausen (tenor, 1985); Marie Szuts (right hand: treble, #44, 1990; left hand: treble, #125, 2007, owner Wendy Gillespie); Gil Neild (bass, 1984). Not pictured: Hope Ehn (treble, late 1980s); Marine Musaelian (small treble, #127, 2006).
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