2012 - Newark, Delaware

Organizers, Custodes and the Board
Peter Payzant
Some of the custodes. [from the bottom of the stairs to the top, L-R]:Phillip Serna, Polly Sussex, Gina Russo, Devon Nelson, Amy Domingues, Leslie Nero, Anne Duranceau, Kate Shuldiner, Zoe Weiss, Dawn Cieplensky, Elena "Nellie" Smith, Jamie Jim, Malachai Bandy, Marilyn Fung, Robert Bolyard, Jane Leggiero, Anne Stevens, Janelle Davis, David Gillett, Chloe Dalby, Kobey Swayder, Heather Spence, Patrick Alfredson, Patrick Erickson, Eva Lymenstull, Scott Goodman.
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