2010 - Forest Grove

Conclave 2010 took place at Pacific University in Forest Grove, OR. The theme was "The Art of Give and Take". The dorms were among the best we have ever had, the concerts were amazing and we all had a great time.
Conclave Classes and Teachers
Martha Bishop's "Free for the Taking" class.
Working hard! L-R: Yoko Tsukada, Charlie Ogle, Barb Hazen.
Mary Springfels and student Karen Bartlett.
John Mark Rozendaal.
Brent Wissick's consort song class.
Ros Morley's contemporary repertoire class.
Wendy Gillespie's "30/60" class.
Julie Jeffrey's Weelkes Madrigal class.
Ros Morley and Larry Lipnik.
Concerts and other events
Opening night, opening announcements.
Faculty performance on opening night.
Composers' Round Robin.
Japanese tea and sweets before supper.
Charlie Ogle talking about viol maintenance.
Parthenia and friends.
The Portland Viol Consort.
"Big and Beautiful" - Hallifax and Jeffrey.
Consort Cooperative.
Consort Cooperative.
Consort Cooperative.
Consort Cooperative.
Consort Cooperative.
Student Concert.
Student Concert.
Don Minnerly playing during a break in the Student Concert.
Break time at the Student Concert.
Student Concert.
Student Concert.
Loren Ludwig and Jamie Jim playing an Appalachian fiddle tune during a break in the Student Concert.
Town Meeting.
Town Meeting - Suzanne Ferguson.
Chrissy Spencer presenting some results from the Membership Survey.
Organizers, Custodes and the Board
The Custodes.
Meeting of Custodes.
Getting ready for Registration.
Custodes at work.
Kathy Schenley and Shanon Zusman.
Music Director Sarah Mead.
Conclave Manager Kathy Schenley.
The VdGSA Board of Directors.
President Wendy Gillespie.
Newsletter editor Janet Scott.
Treasurer Ken Perlow.
Secretary Alice Renken.
Scholarship coordinator Sarah Poon and Violet Grgich.
Chapter and area representatives.
Custodes Dawn Cieplensky and Amy Domingues.
Pacific University
Campus sign.
Gilbert Hall.
"Boxer" statue.
Acorn woodpeckers.
Marsh Hall.
Campus garden flower - a lily?.
The University has an excellent performance space.
The Cafeteria was spacious and bright.
The other Carnegie Hall.
The campus was compact and great for walking.
An impressive collection of trees provided lots of shade.
"PACU", by sculptor Troy Pillow.
Eggs for sale at the Forest Grove market.
The Banquet
Banquet table.
Banquet people: Helga Kaplan and Roger Ryan.
Banquet people: Hazel Moseley and Bill Pannill.
Banquet people: Peter Ballinger and Leslie Gold.
Banquet people: Colin Miles, Sarah Manthey and Rafael Gonzalez.
Banquet people: Elizabeth Weinfield and Jamie Jim.
Banquet people: Violet Grgich, Colin Shipman, Angie Mariani, Corey Green, unidentified.
Banquet people: Kenji Mantey, Haruyo Hirota and Ami Mantey.
Banquet people: Donna Ryan and Brigitte Segmuller.
Banquet people: Steve Barbour and Will Ayton.
Banquet people: Kari Hauge and Dawn Cieplensky.
Banquet people: Rob Grill and Jean Henderson.
Banquet people: Pat Unruh, Sara Blake, Lee Talner and Linda Deshman.
The helicopter joke: David Morris telling it in Hebrew.
The helicopter joke: Rafael Gonzalez telling it in Spanish.
The helicopter joke: Sumiko Seki telling it in Japanese.
The helicopter joke: Jamie Jim telling it in Cantonese.
The helicopter joke: Louis Bégin telling it in French.
Have you seen a viola da gamba? The house band and choristers leading us in The Anthem.
Making Music
Lucine Musaelian playing with the "Conclave Babes".
Informal playing next to the laundry room.
Anthony Allen and Charlie Ogle.
Consort Coop people providing entertainment between Student Concert acts.
Friends of the late Bruce Bellingham playing a Ferrabosco fantasia.
Viols waiting for an opportunity to be played.
Linda Shortridge and The Testoster-tones.
Marine and Lucine Musaelian and The Testoster-tones.
The Auctions
The silent auction.
The silent auction: Tim Scott and Helga Kaplan checking out the offerings.
Auctioneer Brent and assistant David Morris.
Auction staff: Dave Poon, Anna Callner, Amy Domingues and Chrissy Spencer.
Auction refreshments.
Strawberries in chocolate - yum!.
Willie Jackson at the wine table.
Auction audience celebrating a winning bid.
Kathleen Merfeld, Alene Patterson and Andrew Saunders.
Taking a break during the auction.
Jason Pyszkowski circulating a wine basket.
Sarah Poon made a cake at Conclave for the auction.
Textile artists Martha Bishop and Barb Hazen during the auction.
Old Friends, New Friends
Anna Callner with Chloe and Marie Dalby.
Dave Spence-Morrow and Colin Miles.
Elizabeth MacDonald, Kathy Spencer and John Mark Rozendaal.
Linda Shortridge making a quick adjustment to Hinde Silver's treble.
Chatting at coffee break: Jamie Jim, Esha Neogy and Anna Callner.
Sarah Manthey and Colin Miles.
Sarah Mead and Roger Ryan.
Louis Bégin, Sara Blake and Steve Barbour.
Marianne Zwahlen.
Amy Domingues and Linda Payzant.
Heather Spence and Adam Fogo.
Kathy Schenley and Linda Shortridge.
Katey Price and Dabney Park-Chapell.
Marine and Lucine Musaelian.
Sumiko Seki and Yoko Tsukada.
Linda and Ward Shortridge, Jane Hershey.
Sarah Manthey and Heather Spence.
Alice Renken and Kathy Schenley.
Conclave 2010 Young Players' Meeting.
Vendors and Makers
The Viol Doctor's waiting room.
Viol Doctor Charlie Ogle at work, Anthony Allen assisting.
Bow doctor Harry Grabenstein and client Hazel Moseley.
Boulder Early Music: trying a violone.
David Hunt trying out a bass.
Annemarie Relyea-Chew with viol maker Alexandra Saur.
Scott Mason and Ellen Seibert with Wesley Brandt.
Viol maker Wesley Brandt.
Will Ayton trying out one of Boulder Early Music's instruments.
Some of Louis Bégin's bows.

Photos were contributed by Biz Auld, Will Ayton, Martha Bishop, Joan Chandler, Scott Mason, Linda and Peter Payzant, Janet Scott and Brigitte Segmuller. In addition to the foregoing, caption assistance came from Chris Briden, Marie Dalby, Jamie Jim, Loren Ludwig, Susan Marchant, Sarah Mead, Alice Renken, Heather Spence and Lee Talner. Thanks to you all!