A chapter is a local organization of viol players which is affiliated with the VdGSA.

At a minimum, a chapter of the Society has the following attributes:

  • It has an organizational structure, including a Chapter Representative to VdGSA;
  • It has an open membership;
  • It holds meetings for the purpose of playing the viol;
  • It maintains contact with its membership via a newsletter or other means;
  • It encourages its members to become members of VdGSA.

Over and above these minimum requirements, a chapter is free to engage in other activities in its quest to stay viable.

Chapters are separate, autonomous organizations. VdGSA is not legally responsible for any Chapter activities, and VdGSA cannot share with Chapters its 501(c)(3) tax status or non-profit bulk-mail privileges.

The Society places no restrictions as to the type of organization, nor does it impose a minimum on the number of Chapter members. Experience with other early music society chapters, however, points to serious burn-out problems if the organization is not large enough to protect the one or two doers from overload. To this end, the Society recommends an organizational structure consisting of officers and a board of directors totaling about nine people. This would set a practical minimum membership of about nine. Keep in mind that once you have set up shop, viol players will start streaming out of the woodwork to join.

Chapters are encouraged to provide the VdGSA webmasters with a reference URL to their own web sites on the Area Representatives and Chapters page.

How to set up a VdGSA chapter

  1. Read the VdGSA Chapter Policy
  2. If your organization qualifies as a VdGSA chapter, fill out the chapter application form
  3. The VdGSA makes available two $500 chapter start-up grants each year on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to apply for one of these, fill out the chapter start-up grant form
  4. Send the application and grant forms to:

    Jane Furth
    224 W. 18th St. #7A
    New York, NY 10011
    e-mail Jane Furth.

Local Chapter Example Rental Forms

While the VdGSA offers an extensive viol rental program, many of the local chapters also run their own viol rental programs which are available to local members of the chapter. A chapter with its own rental program may be more readily accessible to a new viol player interested in taking up the viol. These chapters shared the wealth of their experience by providing forms they use to manage their programs. Generic versions of these forms are available here to other chapters who are interested in starting a rental program. These example forms may not meet the needs of an individual chapter completely, but they offer a good starting place to help get things going. Feel free to download these example forms and modify them to fit the needs of your chapter.

Example Chapter Rental Form - used by the local chapter as a contract with an individual renter when renting a viol, bow, and case.

Example Chapter Lender Form - used by the local chapter as a contract with an individual who is lending their own instrument to the chapter in order for it to be rented out to someone else by the chapter.

Example Chapter Viol Renter Data - used by the local chapter viol rental program administrator to keep track of viols, bows, and cases which are rented as well as payments, maintenance, and contact information.